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Caring for orphans with special needs.

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Fares Ibrahim

5 years
Dar Al sondos – Nasr City Branch
He suffers from hydrocephalus (accumulation of fluid in the brain)
A cerebro-peritoneal valve installation procedure was performed
We are still continuing to treat Fares
And physical therapy sessions


Our Service

Awareness-raising and training

El Sondos Foundation organizes various awareness seminars targeting parents and professionals in the field of special needs. These seminars feature participation from doctors, professors from Egyptian universities, experts in the field, and representatives from relevant ministries………

Awareness-raising and training


Integrated Development

El Sondos Foundation works on the development and growth of Egyptian society in various governorates, with a special focus on remote and rural areas, as well as the development of the Egyptian countryside, villages, and underprivileged communities…..

Integrated Development


Social Solidarity

El Sondos Foundation strives diligently to assist and support members of the community and promote solidarity. The foundation offers diverse programs of aid, including financial, in-kind, food, medical, monthly sponsorships, bridal assistance, and support for individuals with special needs and their families.

Social Solidarity


Habilitation and speech therapy

El Sondos Foundation possesses global expertise in the field of rehabilitation and education for individuals with special needs. It established the first school for educating children with special needs under the supervision of the Ministry of Education…..

Habilitation and speech therapy


Special-needs orphans’ sponsorship (Kafala)

Dar Al Sondos foundation sponsors orphans with special needs and provides them with comprehensive health, educational, social, psychological, athletic, recreational, and religious care……,

Sponsoring orphans with special needs



Integrated Convoys

Conference and Seminar

Social Assistance

Sessions of habilitation and speech therapy

Orphan Children with special needs

Our Branches

Dar El Sondos


A villa consisting of three floors: the first floor is dedicated to administration, relations department, accounts, and the kitchen. The second floor has a special suite for children, in addition to the pharmacy, storage rooms, and a garden. The third floor contains rooms for severely disabled children, as well as a department for physical therapy and speech therapy.

 Number of Children

36 orphaned children with special needs, plus 3 dependent children.


3-14 years old.


Various disabilities.


34 Khalifa Al-Amr Street, behind the International Garden, Nasr City.

Total Area

1050 square meters.

Dar AL Fardaws


Four-apartment residential units comprising sections for accommodating children, administration, physical therapy, pharmacy, kitchen, and storage.

 Number of Children

(47) An orphan child with special needs


0 – 5 Years


Various disabilities.


15 Mostafa El Nahhas St., of Abbas El Akkad Street, Nasr City


Approximately 1000 AD

Dar El soundos

Fifth Settlement 


The building consists of a basement and 3 floors. The basement contains the kitchen, restaurant, storage rooms, banquet hall, and conference hall. The first floor includes the administration departments, speech therapy, physical therapy, workshop, pharmacy, while the second and third floors are dedicated to children’s suites.

Number of Children:

(76) orphaned children with special needs.


5-45 years old.


Various disabilities.


Fifth Settlement, Fourth District, next to Al-Saraya Mall, behind Khateem Al-Morsaleen Mosque.

Total Area:

8000 square meters.

Al Sondos School for Orphans with Special Needs


It is a special school for the children of different sections of Dar Al Sondos. The school is licensed by the Ministry of Education and follows the inclusive education system for individuals with disabilities. It also conducts exams according to the integration system. In addition, the school provides various rehabilitation programs and accommodates children in all educational and rehabilitation stages. Our students follow the curricula of the Ministry of Education to obtain certificates in different stages, including primary, preparatory, secondary, etc.

Number of Children

68 children.


All educational and rehabilitation stages.


Various disabilities.


32 Ibn Al-Nafis Street, Nasr City.

Al Sondos Foundation Stores

They are outlets for selling products made by special needs orphans from the institution, including ceramics, accessories, crochet, knitting, brass engraving, wood carving, and more. These outlets aim to generate income for the orphans, provide them with training in handicrafts, discover their talents and professional skills, encourage creativity and innovation, elevate their abilities, and utilize their energy in artistic endeavors. Additionally, they involve the participation of producing families in training for handicrafts

  • Al Sondos Store – Nasr City ( Abbas Al-Akkad Extension inside the International Park )
  • Al Sondos Store – Fifth Settlement ( Next to Al Saraya Mall, behind Khatam Al Mursaleen Mosque (the store inside Dar Al Sondos)
  • Al Sondos Store – Cairo Railway Station (Platform No. 1 inside the Misr-Ramses Railway Station )
  • Al Sondos Store – Heliopolis ( Below El Mahkama Square Bridge )
  • Al Sondos Store – Heliopolis (inside Dar Al Sondos)
    18 Al-Fariq Mohamed Rashad Street, in front of Gate (2) Al-Shams Club, from Abdel Hamid Badawy Street – Heliopolis.
  • Al Sondos Store – El Nasr ( 1 Mostafa El Nahhas Street – Nasr City – Cairo )

    Al Sondos Foundation Projects

    Project : factory Of Al Sondos for Orphans with Special Needs

    Address: Plot No. 67, Industrial Zone A4, 10th of Ramadan City

    Area: 2265 square meters

    Products: plastic, paper, and wooden supplies

    Description: A factory for education, training, and employment of orphans with special needs, aiming to integrate them into society and provide them with a source of income that suits their special requirements.

    Mobile : 01005090708

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